Trainig camp Hungary

Little bit late, but better than nothing.

Qualification for Hungarian Long Distance Championship was tuff. I was two minutes behind the winner and last one going to the final.

Final was disaster for me because of my October running shape, but on the other side I did not do any big mistake, just some wrong routchoices and small mistakes. Unfortunately I destroy my achilles during the race...


Training camp Hungary

Halikko viesti, I am moving

I complete my successful autumn season in Kalevan Rasti. I was running 1st leg and did two small mistakes in the beginning, but catch them by increasing my running speed. It was an average performance for me in the forest.

Unfortunately I skip one part of my 1st leg running. I cross the field during my competition, just short peace, but I did it. It was not important for my performance in the forest, it does not help me anyhow, but it is forbidden to cross fields in Finland! I will remember it for next time, but I did not know it during my running…

Now our result depends on the other teams, if they are going to be kind and trust their performance in the forest, or they can protest against my running over the field and disqualified our KR team. Fear won the battle against sport competition and two unnamed teams file the protest and we were disqualified…
Halikko relays

It looks now, that I am moving and going to run next season for new club in Kiuruvesi. Fortunately some friends are moving with me, for example Robin Hood.
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Next time thrust the World champion on his home soil

This advice I got after finishing last leg on the 25manna. I started 20s behind Emil Wingsted and catch him on the 1st control, but lost him on the 5th control. I believe myself and lost there more than 3min. Most funny thing is, that we were 50m from the control point in the beginning, but I left him… Another fault comes on the 8 control, because I forgot to run on the 9th and run straight to the 10… Unfortunately 25 was not running competition like World Cup Final.

What did they thing about my preformance in KR :)

Jsem tváří budky!


Teď ale musím sepsat, jak jsem si věřil v lese víc než Emil a ztratil 5min a vítězství na 25manně... Really interesting story...

World cup final SUI

It was easy going continental terrain and I didn’t get lost. It was just running competition and I did it quite well...

It was really beautiful sprint. Unfortunately we can explore this terrain before the competition, so it was not big surprise… I was number 6 in the world cup final race! Good!

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Source of the photos:

World cup sprint area

Was open before the race: What can you explore during the excursion in the area?

Coach was thinking that control point will be in the lake :)

Is it possible to jump over this small water?

Eva! first control will be on the left side...

I and Bingo , we lost about 10s on the short leg from 8th to 9th…

8th control

Crossable? Yes I run trough during the race...

Ramp on the left is faster than stairs!