Night-o behind my house

Yesterday our winter night-o tour continues in the forest just behind my house. I have a small nap before this training, unfortunately it was really intensive one, like Pipo says, and I oversleep my alarm and wake myself at 18:30. I was in big hurry to catch start at 19h, but I did it. Fortunately biggest star Mraz does not take part on this competition, because he was testing his GPS in Milicak, so my intensive nap did not have any influence on my performance, because I did not need to compete with him. Our second star Sosak was working in the forest again and makes some GPS routing. My run was quite ok, but I know this forest very well…

7. competition of F1 - Middlovaté Rybníky

The second race in the prestigious series of F1, I tried to reverse my unpleasant position in the Gatorade Cup. The plan was well developed, but lost on 1 control. In the dark I was on right place, but control point was on the different object. Colleague Seda was helping me, and we did found control after some time. He has same story on the 19 control with Mraz and did not find it and run to the finish crying. But I keep a reward appear. I finally find rest of the controls and caught an average position in the finish :)

Nočák na Vídrholci

I went to Vidrholec to teach local orienteeres how are running national team members from the K-team. I chose night-o as it is for me one of most difficult disciplines (after prolonger middle). Results? I finished on a great second place. My biggest rival Sosák (for Sweden:The biggest, Findland iso K) gave me only 3.5 seconds, which is a really solid result. In addition, I cut Mraz, who trained in Vidrholec almost two years.

No info, why?

I did not write anything to my blog for the long time. Why? Reason is clear, I have no chance on world wide web anymore, because of reincarnation of the best blog ever! is alive!