Ready2go? Not yet…

The last weekend I run the most important competitions before WOC the Czech team selections races for WOC 2011. I didn’t have enough experiences with French terrain and It is still difficult to stay focused all the time and run without any major mistake in this terrain. I didn’t run well on competitions, but it was still enough to get a place in Czech team. So let's get ready for middle, sprint and relays!

Czech WOC 2011 team

This was competition just for the Czech team. Maybe my best performance, but there is still lot of work in front of me before WOC.
I was a bit injured and nearly did not start to sprint competition, but in the end I run over pain and make result wich was not good in overall, but it was good compare to Czech runners...
map results
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Right now I am I Chamrousse on high altitude training camp. Me, Seda and Kody decided to combine map trainings with high altitude effect, so we are staying in high altitude and every second day traveling to WOC area for two maps trainings. Next week we will spend in WOC area even more time, because we will join Czech team training camp.

So in one month WE SHOULD BE READY TO GO:
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