Steeple without improve?

I ran 3km hurdles yesterday, without any improvement from the last year. I run Czech Team Championship and my team Olymp Praha finished on 3rd spot. I run exactly same time like last year 9:27. I can be satisfied, because this was my first run on the athletic track after two months!

The worst results ever, but the best feeling!

You cannot find me in the result list of middle, because of fair play feeling of German team. You can find me on 27th place in relays again because of fair play! I have really good feeling now, but I am missing good result. What about tomorrow? I am hungry for success!

Some articles about the relays, because results are not important this time:
Peter Oberg

Fans of MR Sprint Jan Mrázek

Middle final - Fuck you

My map:

My problem

My solution

My performance on the course was quite ok, without any big mistake. I finished on 13th place, but unfortunately did not run trough compulsory spectator leg from spectator control. There was not any info about the compulsory leg before the competition and I did not see it in the map during the competition. Unfortunately I did not read control description on the spectator control.

I was disqualified after complain of German team. I am still thinking this was a mistake of organizers (no info about spectator leg before competition), but Jury had a different opinion…

Now I can send this song to GERMAN TEAM AND ORGANIZERS

Congratulate to Christian

And of course also to DANA :o)

WOC long qualification

My map:

Today course was really nice. Road-choice to the first control was faster from the left (Mats was running from the right and I beat him with one second. Pretty big difference :) I did about 3:30 min of mistakes and I have to avoid them for the final!

Results (I was running M1)

I have no story from the forest, but Mraz have nice foxhole story form the first control. Mr. Fox was running same heat like Mraz, but with control descriptions from Slovak Karst cup. What a pity, fortunately Mr. Fox is still 23 years old, so he has O-future in front of him.

And Mraz problem was that he rides an elephant to the pre-warning for 2,5min, but he is a hero, because he won three split times.

My photo from Worldofo and you can find more more WOC info on the

WOC middle qualification


And some photos by Jan Mrazek:
I am approaching last control:

I on the way from last control:

Fortunately I am on the photo in the end: