Newspapers in Finland

I was impressed when I see Finnish newspapers for the first time. There are no articles on the front page just advertisements. On the other hand, culture of regional newspapers is really well developed here compare to Czech Republic. I had my first contact with regional journalist yesterday and it was great experience for me. The journalist Petri Siitonen was well prepared for the interview and did not ask me stupid questions like during my last interview, where I explaining that our time loss on WOC was not 4 hours, but “only” 4 min, or that advantage of home soil WOC does not mean help from the tourist in the forest…

My yesterday interview gone well until journalist asks me for my track and field running times. When someone can run his first steeple for 9:28 in the hometown of Jukka Keskisalo, it means big story for local newspapers. In the end interview was more about track and field than about orienteering…
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Vine cheese without vine

This week I already start to train and my leg seem to be ok, but rest of the body hurts me a lot after:

Resting for two weeks I destroy my body on: Hannus Wednesday Rokkijumppa (brutal), Thursday night-o with mass start, Friday Kiuruvesi team training where Robin Hood participate and finally today test run, where Jere our new team-mate beat me badly...

Now I am thinking what is better, to have pain just in the Achilles or everywhere on your body? But is time of vine and cheese party, but of course without wine!

First training week = 0km of running

I still have problem with my Achilles, so I didn’t run at all. But there is really good training altitude in Joensuu. You can hear challenging words like: Fuck off, or vittu.

Today I try to learn how Finnish forest looks by walking in Tahkovaara, very nice:

From 2008 - Tahkovaara

Kauden Kaatajaiset

Lopuksi haluan oleskelun aikana Suomessa oppinut jotain. Olen tehnyt askel eteenpäin ja muutti niiden tietämyksen seuraavalle tasolle. Kuitenkin kaikki niiden tietoon minulle viikonloppuna menettänyt on sumentunut maailman, ja vain se, mitä tiedät nyt on käytäntö, joten!

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