Back to the Roots of Prague night trainings

I run my first and for the long time last orienteering training. It was line orienteering (about 13km) and we were running same course as in the 1999. There were some improvements. We got part of the course on the new map and also there were time beneficiations somewhere on the course.

We did huge mistake in the beginning, because we did not see the road under the snow. But biggest problem came after 15min of running, when my headlamp shot down again. Fortunately Mr. Wireman Lorenc together with Heppy and repair my contact with the branch and I can finish this nice training. Thanks for the help!

The final time was slower compare to the times from 1999 and I was beaten by Heppy due to his better time benefits.

I came to Joensuu yesterday and there should be test run tomorrow, but my temperature shows -20 right now. It looks that it will be difficult to beat times from December.