Jizerska 50 footsteps, otherwise b5h

Winter preparation is in full swing and skiing is part of it as usually. Last year was Hevonen Hiihto with Rumcajz and Krtecek the highlight of my winter season, but in the previous years it was always Krokonoska 70.
This weekend I started my preparation towards K70 2011 team competition on the adventure race around Jizerske Mountains. B5h was free order orienteering in the pairs with time limit 5 hours. It was bit cruel to ski for a first time this winter and made 65 km and 5 hours, but what did not kill you, makes you stronger.
From b5h 2010

I and Mr Lorenc were struggling in the non prepared track around controls 27, 26 and 9. Our hand are really weak us it is usual between runners, but overall it was a nice weekend and nice beginning of winter skiing.


Bit unusual haul rope
From b5h 2010

Let's start data transmission

Hectic days are over

I spend whole November in Joensuu. It was a hectic time as usually. Maybe even more hectic this autumn, because my school was just once a week… When I arrived to Joensuu, I just realize nothing has changed:

We have nice sports afternoons during Saturdays in Jere and Nurci flat.
Lunches last even longer time this year.
And Happohotteli is still open; even I did not find the time to visit it in my full hectic timetable…

But I find in Joensuu motivation for the next season during discussion with my teammates, Borje and Pippo. After really disappointing results during this season, I am ready for CHANGE and FUTURE!

Small taste of Pre-X-mas party invitation from Suppa:

Now I am back in warm Czech and waiting Grand Canarias training camp with Kalevan Rasti in the beginning of January.

But still my poor season was enough to take 3rd place in O-gala. This price is not honorable, but shows how poor results did Czech men team have in overall… I can promise we will be back and much stronger next year!

Source: www.kade.cz