Not possible to access from China

After WOC my blog nearly die. I was running quite many orienteering competitions, but without any bigger success. Main problem was that I have to finish my school. I made it successfully and now I am runner again!

I choose to end my season in the remote destination on PWT in China instead of running Smalandskavlen, because of that I was not able to upload my blog during last two weeks. Chinese internet does not screen or FB. PWT China was a perfect trip for the end of the orienteering season and tonight I am going to watch performance of my friends on Smalanskavlen just on the computer screen.

First stage was in the Olympic park. This was quite easy sprint competition for the beginning. As you can see from the map, there were not so many problems to solve, but it was the most important one with really nice opening and closing ceremony and about thousand participants.

Approaching a fake control



Second stage was much more interesting. We travel behind the Beijing and run middle WRE competition. In the beginning I had huge problems to read the map and when it starts to be bit more easily, I made nearly 3min mistake and my race was over.

Last stage was typical PWT competition in pretty complicated park around UNESCO heritage Summer Palace. It was organized by PWT and Nordic Ways.

PWT in China was not just about the competitions, but it was really interesting trip with perfect group of people. So thanks to organizers for opportunity to come to China and other runners for really nice time we have together. Now season is over and my blog alive again!