Snowy Joensuu

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Sunny Italy in pictures

I was teaching punching in the kinder garden.

Maybe not successfully.

Mr Brown and Mr Bingo are approaching Vico del Gargano

Beautiful scenery

Just Vasut did not enjoy sunny weather and spend training camp in the bath.

You can find info about trainings here

K70, did I run with Řepka or Demong?

I do not know, because my team mate lost his number and after that he lost 5 numbers of our first team just before the race start…
I was skiing in one downhill 55km/h, quite dangerous on my K-skies. I had to change them in the middle of the competition, because I lost my left ski from my shoe for 3 times. Fortunately I did not have this defect in any steep downhill…

Some stats of Zdravotník Praha: 4h50min, 67KM, 5000cal, max speed 55km/h, 1290m of climbing, ugly wet snow

Next time our team ZDRAVOTÍK PRAHA will not compete together anymore, because I and Lorenc will join team LORENCOVI KONĚ DOBŘICHOVICE, but it will be quite difficult to do some result, because Mr Zhaly is going to compete again in VK BLESK PRAHA…
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Best toy ever… Calculator

Yesterday we were running other night-o training. Forest was really slow and best rout choices were around following the paths.

I was running well until 11th control. I did not find reflex there, but rest of the runners tells me that there was the reflex on the right place. I was only one who did not find this control in the finish, but I was sure that I visited right knoll. Fortunately my calculator gives me self-confidence, rest of runners just find first wrong knoll and continue in running… Unfortunately rest of the course destroy my self-confidence, because I was not focused on the orienteering any more. Last butterfly was just cherry on the cake, because 23rd control reflex was on the wrong object again and I was not able to adjust my GPS route to this part of the course…