In the middle of the winter

One more map, from the last training. We were running WRE course 2008. Little bit easier than Green hell.

Green, green and green. Big fish big mistake, but this is not important!

More important than Mraz victory in the afternoon sprint race is that I was today twice in the ocean. This is really good preparation for skiing competition K70 next week.
From 2009 - Portugalsko

From 2009 - Portugalsko

Portugal TC 2009

Why do I call this blog multimedial?

We saw this Toro show 24. 2. in Monsaraz

And some stupid photos:

2009 - Portugalsko

Mr Zhaly.kom and Liberec2009

He establish his blog, because he want to lose his weight, but now days he gives us some nice info from Liberec2009.

I started to understand how to improve my skills with calculator

This GPS route is from yesterday night-o. Green line shows speed under 4min/km and red one is over 6min/km. Line should be green or yellow everywhere with exception of uphill’s. Maybe next time...

Big brother is watching you

So I finally went on air with GPS from PlanStudio. Test was conducted on cross-country running competition. The resulting curve was quite accurate, the picture shifts slightly due to the readability of the speed in both directions. It was pretty fast but hilly race, I did not have any mental power, because I fell myself pretty bad during the week (guess why? :), but it is better now, I was able to run under 3:20 / km 7.5 km. This time the 24 : 57
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My GPS route:

We start with David:

He looks pretty strong on the flat straights:

But not in the uphills :)

Every defeat pushes you forward

I am speaking about this week. Our Big Bloging Star in the category of home pets draws mental power from his bloging shape and transforms it to the running performance. On Monday he beat me, David and The biggest (Petr Losman) on track and field intervals, when he catch us by one round on the 500m (our time 1:20) interval and complete his victory on Wednesday night training. It is nice to have someone stronger, who can you train with, because it pushes you forward every time.

Right now I focus myself to another field. I am uploading my facebook profile every day, because Mr Jan Mrazek does not have any profile there and I feel some opportunity, because I cannot compete with him on the World Wide Web any more... Fortunately Pipo shows me today another nice net, where I can sign myself.

Teacher and student

My last article crucifies quality of the map, but my teacher of modern technology calculators teaches me, how to adjust the route. For the first time I use only 2 points, but now I adjust map with 10 points, because World champion explain me everything about orienteering maps during shitty shoes cleaning. I can crucify my performance now, because I did mistakes on the right placed controls (in exception of 11th) and wrong placed objects I found without any problem :)

Was it map or drawing?

This is question for the calculator and result is visible on the map (picture, colouring book, painting or cartoon). But it was still possible to run orienteering there, unfortunately not for me...

One stupid week

Czech team training camp in Zadov is every time same. You have to eat, train, sleep and sometimes do some regeneration. We broke those rules by farting competition, pool playing, 3bit eating and lemonade drinking.

I got new toy from our sponsor company Planstudio. I call it calculator and it watch over my exact position. This mean that my blog can compete again with Fart Cup winner. I was doing some training with this calculator and it was funny to see current speed during cross-country downhill skiing. This calculator could have to be useful during my autumn staying in Finland :), but I hope it will not be useful any more during this spring in Joensuu…

Longest skiing about 4h 15min and 60km with Mraz and Seda

Deep snow running with Mraz and Bingo with average peace over 7min per km...

Are you bored?

Of World Cup system? Of media coverage in orienteering? If you have 10-20min free you can try to fill this questionnaire.