What a Team!

I spend Easters in really nice terrains around Tis u Blatna and Rabštejn. Those terrains are famous all around the world, because of WOC 1991 classic distance. The performance of Sixten Sild made a legend and new word was established in Czech. Sild means "to go straight". The best example is his famous routechoice to 4th control:
This time I could not follow his steps, because I do not have to prepare for long leg on Toimila, like last year. This year I am getting ready for short and technical performance and my night trainings were focused for this:
More info about our training camp is on Zhaly.kom and soon will be published BT story.

By the way title of this article is: What a team! I just want to show how difficult is to get place in KR Tiomila team. I got a place in the leg which Aaro call leg for trained Mursu and Mraz leg for trained monkey. Let's see how my performance looks like this Sunday morning will:

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Czech night championship

I took part on the Czech Night Championship after the long time. I ran my last night championship in the junior class. This year there was a big change in the system of the competition. It was a first time we run the Night Champs with the mass start. I was against mass start before the competition and sign the petition against this system…

In the end mass start course was quite interesting for the runners with many surprises like map exchange I the middle of the forest. On the one hand this made the courses more interesting, but on the other hand on-line results were hectic, because loops were pretty different… The question is what was the reason to introduce mass start? The course was not more spectacular for the fans in the competition area, because we run trough just once and it was just 5min before the end. Maybe with the live GPS tracking it might be more interesting. This is a challenge for the next years for next organizers. In overall, the mass start competition was really good preparation for the real night top of the spring season in two weeks: TIOMILA 2011


The results reveal that I am getting ready for it! My run was pretty good nearly without any mistake and with quite good speed, but I still have to keep in mind the difference between Continental and Scandinavian terrains!

My maps from Czech night Championship:

Sorry for the quality, but I did not find daylight during the night!

Ready to rock?

Us you can see I did hardly find the time to update my blog in last months and even this article will be quite poor, but I promise it will be better in following weeks. First of all I am going to run Czech Night Champs this weekend. After that I am spending Easters with famous BT team on BT training camp and finally I will be ready to rock on 10mila!

Crocks from last months:

Something extra for readers of Czech orienteering magazine (featuring: Tero, Pena, Me and Hannu):

Routegadget of middle training competition during Czech team weekends.

Swiss champs sprint and middle

Czech teMäm Training camp in orienteering paradise Gibel: