Posázavská stezka

Every year on 25th we have a habit to run around Sazava River. About 30km with one turbo zone in the middle (about 6-7km along Sazava River - Posázavská stezka). We did the same this year.

Mr. Lorenc was little tired in the end, but happy in the begining:

Our supporter Ivan:

Zhaly.kom was happy in the beginning, but did not finish until my leaving? How was he after run? still happy?

Jan Mrazek did not run in his new Stora Tuna clothes and he left us in the middle. Why? Some GPS routing of touristic track... He is working all the time.

Last week in Joensuu

Time goes on and I am leaving Joensuu soon. This week we were able to do some o-trainings, because snow gone. This map is from Wednesday night-o. I did quite big mistake in the second round…

Unfortunately I did not learn during this night, how is it, to run two night trainings during one night. We were doing 108min of orienteering with Pippo in the Thursday morning, but we start at 9h and we did not need headlamp any more… I still have something to learn and reason to come back again!

SMS culture of Finland

I delete my SMS in the mobile last week, but did not delete all of them, because some of them were really funny. So you can read them in following text.

I got this SMS at 11h at the morning and after I have have have beer for the breakfast for the first time:
Are you ready to take another step towards alcoholism? If yes, call, if no eat snus.

This SMS shows knowledge of CZE language in Finland:
Yep, see you then! We can go shopping together to take some pivo.

I have maybe some boyfriend in the Joensuu:
Terve. Tule tänne? Come here mother fucker. We miss you my darling.

This SMS shows me my new club after 25manna:
Kiuruvesi floorball team

And at the end some Finnish habit, if something is going wrong:
Vittu! In Finland we usually drink a lot of beer if something like that happens.

I got this SMS in the October, now we are not so stupid in Joensuu and we are just training. Tonight I am learning new way of night training. We were running night training tonight and tomorrow morning we will run another (night) training…

Sauna culture

Sauna and K(píp)a culture of Finland: I am slowly learning and it is quite funny at the weekend in the Koli and now in the Vuokatti. About 3-5h of training helps me to understand our Keuroviesi team.
Koli-sauna 2008

Newspapers in Finland

I was impressed when I see Finnish newspapers for the first time. There are no articles on the front page just advertisements. On the other hand, culture of regional newspapers is really well developed here compare to Czech Republic. I had my first contact with regional journalist yesterday and it was great experience for me. The journalist Petri Siitonen was well prepared for the interview and did not ask me stupid questions like during my last interview, where I explaining that our time loss on WOC was not 4 hours, but “only” 4 min, or that advantage of home soil WOC does not mean help from the tourist in the forest…

My yesterday interview gone well until journalist asks me for my track and field running times. When someone can run his first steeple for 9:28 in the hometown of Jukka Keskisalo, it means big story for local newspapers. In the end interview was more about track and field than about orienteering…
You can see more here.

Or English translation

Vine cheese without vine

This week I already start to train and my leg seem to be ok, but rest of the body hurts me a lot after:

Resting for two weeks I destroy my body on: Hannus Wednesday Rokkijumppa (brutal), Thursday night-o with mass start, Friday Kiuruvesi team training where Robin Hood participate and finally today test run, where Jere our new team-mate beat me badly...

Now I am thinking what is better, to have pain just in the Achilles or everywhere on your body? But is time of vine and cheese party, but of course without wine!

First training week = 0km of running

I still have problem with my Achilles, so I didn’t run at all. But there is really good training altitude in Joensuu. You can hear challenging words like: Fuck off, or vittu.

Today I try to learn how Finnish forest looks by walking in Tahkovaara, very nice:

From 2008 - Tahkovaara

Kauden Kaatajaiset

Lopuksi haluan oleskelun aikana Suomessa oppinut jotain. Olen tehnyt askel eteenpäin ja muutti niiden tietämyksen seuraavalle tasolle. Kuitenkin kaikki niiden tietoon minulle viikonloppuna menettänyt on sumentunut maailman, ja vain se, mitä tiedät nyt on käytäntö, joten!

more info

help for non finnish speaking and way how I wrote this article:)

Trainig camp Hungary

Little bit late, but better than nothing.

Qualification for Hungarian Long Distance Championship was tuff. I was two minutes behind the winner and last one going to the final.

Final was disaster for me because of my October running shape, but on the other side I did not do any big mistake, just some wrong routchoices and small mistakes. Unfortunately I destroy my achilles during the race...


Training camp Hungary

Halikko viesti, I am moving

I complete my successful autumn season in Kalevan Rasti. I was running 1st leg and did two small mistakes in the beginning, but catch them by increasing my running speed. It was an average performance for me in the forest.

Unfortunately I skip one part of my 1st leg running. I cross the field during my competition, just short peace, but I did it. It was not important for my performance in the forest, it does not help me anyhow, but it is forbidden to cross fields in Finland! I will remember it for next time, but I did not know it during my running…

Now our result depends on the other teams, if they are going to be kind and trust their performance in the forest, or they can protest against my running over the field and disqualified our KR team. Fear won the battle against sport competition and two unnamed teams file the protest and we were disqualified…
Halikko relays

It looks now, that I am moving and going to run next season for new club in Kiuruvesi. Fortunately some friends are moving with me, for example Robin Hood.
webpages of Halikko

Next time thrust the World champion on his home soil

This advice I got after finishing last leg on the 25manna. I started 20s behind Emil Wingsted and catch him on the 1st control, but lost him on the 5th control. I believe myself and lost there more than 3min. Most funny thing is, that we were 50m from the control point in the beginning, but I left him… Another fault comes on the 8 control, because I forgot to run on the 9th and run straight to the 10… Unfortunately 25 was not running competition like World Cup Final.

What did they thing about my preformance in KR :)

Jsem tváří budky!


Teď ale musím sepsat, jak jsem si věřil v lese víc než Emil a ztratil 5min a vítězství na 25manně... Really interesting story...

World cup final SUI

It was easy going continental terrain and I didn’t get lost. It was just running competition and I did it quite well...

It was really beautiful sprint. Unfortunately we can explore this terrain before the competition, so it was not big surprise… I was number 6 in the world cup final race! Good!

web pages of Post Finance Sprint

Source of the photos: http://repreob.hyperlink.cz

World cup sprint area

Was open before the race: What can you explore during the excursion in the area?

Coach was thinking that control point will be in the lake :)

Is it possible to jump over this small water?

Eva! first control will be on the left side...

I and Bingo , we lost about 10s on the short leg from 8th to 9th…

8th control

Crossable? Yes I run trough during the race...

Ramp on the left is faster than stairs!


Mistříííí 2008

Byla to opravdu taková zívačka?

Určitě ne pro paparazzi Kaliméra, který měl po vítězství napilno...

more photos
MČR štafet 2008

Keskimatka ja viesti SM

Quite easy orienteering, I have nothing to tell about.

My orienteering was under control just to the 6 control, than I run like a hell somewhere…

I try to run on the top, but because of mistakes on the 1st and 6th control, I climb to the leading group again on 7th control. And from 9th I did my own orienteering…

Way home:
Singing with Polish pop star in pizzeria, long drink, Grape, No cameras by the road, swimming in the lake, visiting Jeres bar…

How is Finland?

Hyvää syntymäpäivää Heva, small party in the Black hole! Maybe tomorrow I will write something more interesting, maybe less? But it will be about orienteering...