SMS culture of Finland

I delete my SMS in the mobile last week, but did not delete all of them, because some of them were really funny. So you can read them in following text.

I got this SMS at 11h at the morning and after I have have have beer for the breakfast for the first time:
Are you ready to take another step towards alcoholism? If yes, call, if no eat snus.

This SMS shows knowledge of CZE language in Finland:
Yep, see you then! We can go shopping together to take some pivo.

I have maybe some boyfriend in the Joensuu:
Terve. Tule tänne? Come here mother fucker. We miss you my darling.

This SMS shows me my new club after 25manna:
Kiuruvesi floorball team

And at the end some Finnish habit, if something is going wrong:
Vittu! In Finland we usually drink a lot of beer if something like that happens.

I got this SMS in the October, now we are not so stupid in Joensuu and we are just training. Tonight I am learning new way of night training. We were running night training tonight and tomorrow morning we will run another (night) training…

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