O-technique in focus

Double parallel mistake during Monday night-o, good example for orienteering class books, but I cannot be proud of it…

Thursday was better, but still not a perfect

On Saturday Pipo prepare daylight training, it was pretty fast terrain with the soft ground. I have terrible felling whole course and loose 2min to Hannu.

We did 110min of running on Sunday with Aaro, Hannu and koira. The dog was really stupid and follows us about 10km and than disappear somewhere. The highlight of the training was short sprint after 70min of running. It was fun mainly for the dog. He was happy that we speed up and split up…

Snowless autumn time in Joensuu

Some night trainings, still much to improve!

"Mass start", Hannu's backyard (20cm of snow):

Jukka's backyard, but headlamp did not work in the end

And some examples of daylights:

I try to run in the terrain as much as I can to improve my running skills in Scandinavian terrain. WOC in Tronheim is just behind the doors!

Season kick OFF

First training week of 2010 season is over and it was not boring at all:

I started my training year on Monday by night-o. It was not successful, because my battery charger was broken. Unfortunately I realize it in the middle of forest, when my head lamp switched off. I was able to come back, just due to full moon shining…

There was another night-o on Thursday and I found my old halogen headlamp. Everything goes well until I stuck in a dense forest. My lamp cable was disconnected from the battery, but I was not able to connect it again. I was missing one important part: This time Johanes save my life, thanks!

This is not mess, but Rogaining training (green=bike, purple=run)

Lastly, we did rogaining training with Hannu on Saturday. It was fortunately in daylight, but night snowing makes it more challenging. There were two parts 1,5h of biking and 1,5h of running. We are really good bikers. Our average biking speed was 5:30 and running 6:30 per km. This clearly shows our biking skills…


Joulupukki organizer:

Fin(n)ish MAKARA

Skilled biker