Post Finance Sprint 2009

Our new academic coach AP together with Hannu prepares for us sprint training today morning. What s surprise. We were running in the city centre of Zurich. Maybe I broke forbidden area rule, but I was already disqualified many times, so it cannot surprise me anymore.
I fail in the qualification, because of too fast time:

So the final was one man show of Kari Varis (Fortunately he is not taking part this Sunday and I am not able to draw proper routchoices.):

What a spectacular sport

I spend 5h in the forest during SM relay champs with SP

We were waiting 5h for few runners:

Tero was traveling whole night from Estonia to take today’s victory:

Janni Lakanen is strong again:

TP is fighting for 2nd spot:

And Mr. Metsälä for 5th

But next time, I will feel more confortable to watch GPS from home:)

I was running also Finish middle distance champs on Saturday, but my performance was really poor again, you can easily recognize my GPS route (My route usually differs from others...), because I did not read the map...

Upcoming events

WOC is over and I started to train again. I will take part on SM keskimatka (Finish middle distance champs) this Saturday and goal is clear, to do perfect orienteering, because last week I take part in district champs and I was happy that I find all the controls…

I am aiming also for Post Finance Sprint to repair my reputation after WOC!

There is real top in the beginning of October!

I am I bit sick now, so I help Pipo to set out some controls to forest yesterday. We did it in different way, than I am used. We use saw and hammer, instead of steel sticks…