Trip to the Slovenia in the Pictures

Hiking in the Mountains

Weather is (not) wall, if you want to climb up in to the window

Let’s climb up to the Mojstrovka

One of the easiest in Juliske Alpy

It is too difficult to translate everything to English, so I will start to write bilingual blog

Už jsme skoro nahoře

Mojstrovka Peak photo

Mr Zhaly was only one with sign in peak book

Slovenian SheepSEXUAL

Sovenian BLOWjob

Sea creatures

Taste well

But Tautumbeuk is eating Pizza

Slovenian Monte Carlo

Time for romantic dance?

With kaksi Velko:)

Už dorazil u Červenáček :)

Our coach

Já mám vor, ty máš vor, my máme vor a nakonec nikdo nemí vor


Entrance is allowed only with professional equipment

Že by byl v seznamu lidí na po......?