Jizerska 50 footsteps, otherwise b5h

Winter preparation is in full swing and skiing is part of it as usually. Last year was Hevonen Hiihto with Rumcajz and Krtecek the highlight of my winter season, but in the previous years it was always Krokonoska 70.
This weekend I started my preparation towards K70 2011 team competition on the adventure race around Jizerske Mountains. B5h was free order orienteering in the pairs with time limit 5 hours. It was bit cruel to ski for a first time this winter and made 65 km and 5 hours, but what did not kill you, makes you stronger.
From b5h 2010

I and Mr Lorenc were struggling in the non prepared track around controls 27, 26 and 9. Our hand are really weak us it is usual between runners, but overall it was a nice weekend and nice beginning of winter skiing.


Bit unusual haul rope
From b5h 2010

Let's start data transmission

Hectic days are over

I spend whole November in Joensuu. It was a hectic time as usually. Maybe even more hectic this autumn, because my school was just once a week… When I arrived to Joensuu, I just realize nothing has changed:

We have nice sports afternoons during Saturdays in Jere and Nurci flat.
Lunches last even longer time this year.
And Happohotteli is still open; even I did not find the time to visit it in my full hectic timetable…

But I find in Joensuu motivation for the next season during discussion with my teammates, Borje and Pippo. After really disappointing results during this season, I am ready for CHANGE and FUTURE!

Small taste of Pre-X-mas party invitation from Suppa:

Now I am back in warm Czech and waiting Grand Canarias training camp with Kalevan Rasti in the beginning of January.

But still my poor season was enough to take 3rd place in O-gala. This price is not honorable, but shows how poor results did Czech men team have in overall… I can promise we will be back and much stronger next year!

Source: www.kade.cz

I love Twitter

but this is new record of Worldofo! Congratulation JEva :)

Not possible to access blogspot.com from China

After WOC my blog nearly die. I was running quite many orienteering competitions, but without any bigger success. Main problem was that I have to finish my school. I made it successfully and now I am runner again!

I choose to end my season in the remote destination on PWT in China instead of running Smalandskavlen, because of that I was not able to upload my blog during last two weeks. Chinese internet does not screen blogspot.com or FB. PWT China was a perfect trip for the end of the orienteering season and tonight I am going to watch performance of my friends on Smalanskavlen just on the computer screen.

First stage was in the Olympic park. This was quite easy sprint competition for the beginning. As you can see from the map, there were not so many problems to solve, but it was the most important one with really nice opening and closing ceremony and about thousand participants.

Approaching a fake control

Source: PWT.org


Second stage was much more interesting. We travel behind the Beijing and run middle WRE competition. In the beginning I had huge problems to read the map and when it starts to be bit more easily, I made nearly 3min mistake and my race was over.

Last stage was typical PWT competition in pretty complicated park around UNESCO heritage Summer Palace. It was organized by PWT and Nordic Ways.

PWT in China was not just about the competitions, but it was really interesting trip with perfect group of people. So thanks to organizers for opportunity to come to China and other runners for really nice time we have together. Now season is over and my blog alive again!

Worse mapmaker than Fabu

After a long time I have to return back to WOC 2011. We did not have access to the internet during the WOC and just after I have a lot of work with my Master Thesis…


This was my biggest goal and biggest disappointment during WOC. I did make the same as Fabu and redraw whole map to OCAD with use of old maps and street-view. You can never trust this kind of the map and I am worse mapmaker compare to Swiss precision

I did not success in the course setting. I did not set courses, but I try to find challenging legs:

Unfortunately, I did not find any of real competition route choice.

My preparation give me a lot info about the terrain, but in the end nearly all route choices were equal and my poor performance was caused by terrible running shape…

Results sprint
GPS sprint

Photo: Kade.cz


This was a challenge for me. I was aiming for middle, but after winning long on Czech selections, I have to run it also on WOC. My goal was to be around 15th place. My final 16th place means satisfaction for me and my performance in my worst discipline.

We did expect a lot from long distance. I was waiting a huge challenge in the Nordic terrain. In the end our course was this kind of challenge just for first kilometers. After that we have to solve butterfly, make route choice over private areas and run trough competition center. What a boring course in such nice terrain…

GPS long
Results long

Photo: Kade.cz


We are never enough good to win a medal. Tomas did a perfect job on the first leg and change me to me in the leading group, but I was too passive I did not use opportunity to split the group during my shorter forking. Actually I was never in the lead during the second leg. This is bit unusual for my relay performance. I change to Michal Smola in the leading group, but left him longer forking in the end. This was extremely difficult situation for Michal and even after his very good performance we finished on 5th place.

Results relay
GPS relay

Photo: Kade.cz

You are welcome!

WOC 2010 is getting closer and closer. Our Czech Team is not living in the official accommodation offered by organizers, but we are staying in the middle of nature in the cross-coutry skiing clubhouse near to Klaebu. Our accommodation have just one disadvantage, we have to travel a lot during WOC.

On the other side there are many advantages. Do you want to see them? Do you want to meet us? Our fans, supporters and friends are welcome!

When: After 4th stage of WOC Tour on Friday 13. 8. at 14 o'clock
Where: Gjenvollhytta (see the map)
Program: Possible to do short training, drinking of coffe and eating of waffles...

View Meeting with the Czech team in a larger map

Come to see us!

WUOC is over

It was really nice week in Borlange and my last competitions before WOC in Trondheim. Organizers of WUOC 2010 from my former club Stora Tuna did a perfect job and all the competitions have really nice atmosphere!

I ran long on Tuesday as a test race for WOC long. Unfortunately, I was still destroyed from previous training camp in Trondheim and did not reach my usual speed.

Run A Way from Gyllbergen long

Sprint was in the city of Borlange and my performance was much stronger than in the previous long distance. Competition terrain was again really similar to WOC 2010 sprint area and it was a good test! Hopefully, my running speed will rise in following two weeks!

Run A Way from sprint

Today we run the most important relay competition! It was difficult to select the teams for our coach of Czech team. In the end we split the team to youngsters and MASTERS. Tomas Dlabaja started our MASTER team pretty well and change to Jan Sedivy on the top positions, just before youngsters. Seda ran the best time on the second leg and change to me in the lead. I started quite aggressive, but run out of energy soon. After that Johan Aronsson from Sweden took a lead and run away from me, FUCK. But I did not find any extra energy to follow him. Still this is silver for our MASTER team! JOOO

Our MASTER car driver Roban

And New-Ski captain Vodr

map from relay:

On the way to/from Trondheim

After lonely Bulgaria, I was part of KR team in crowded Jukola. I did run first leg and my orienteering was out of control as you can see from my GPS

My first top of season were Jukola and Czech selection races in Trondheim. I had to change my plans and start to focus on new and LONG challenge after those competitions ...

Last week Czech team have training camp in Trondheim and my orienteering skills were falling down. Time for REST from the map.

Our Coach is big star of worldofo.com and before WOC he requires mistake less performances even during traveling in a car.

Because on today route to Borlange we did visit one nice festival in Norway Mountains :) The only problem was that we did know anything about the Festival beforehand.

View Directions to Borlänge Municipality, Sweden in a larger map

I will run long, sprint and relays on WUOC in next days and I promise more actual info than in last months.

I feel lonely

And maybe I am not alone. What is the reason of EOC? To arrange competitions just for best runners and give IOF diplomas and IOF medals without spectators and with poor media coverage? What about live-GPS? And what about…

On the other side competitions are interesting and our 5th place (ok 7th…) in relays is really good! My performance was good, but there is still something to improve. Thanks to Bingo and Olaf for nice runs...


Last Sunday I did one of my poorest performances in the sprint, and did not make final…

Let’s hope that my performances will be better tomorrow and on Saturday.
you can watch it on competition webpages

LANGA NATTEN 2010 – the story of one leg

My place in the KR team on Tiomila was on the third leg, non-forked langa natten. I did have a phone call in the week before 10M with our national team coach Radovan:

Radovan: By the way, which leg are you going to run?
Me: Langa natten
Radovan: Are you so poor, or what happened?

I did start to understand his words after talking with our experienced runners Tommi and Miika. My task was easy, just stay in the contact with Halden and Kristiansand. No problem, on non-forked course, but something against my view of orienteering.

This task becomes bit more difficult after my start. I catch the leaders of my starting group on the second control, but I did not see Halden or Kristiansand. Ok, I have to reboot my system and take northern direction with full speed. Some teams did follow me and finally I reach the route and use my running skills. Only Bekkelaget manage to stay with me all the time. When I climb up to the hill before 3rd control, I saw I big group approaching 3rd control. Perkele! At least my route choice was equal… What a kind surprise, there is Järla and Stora Tuna. I just climb up trough group and I saw THE MASTER in front and Kristiansand just behind! YEP! WE ARE BACK!

Thanks Jan Kocbach for this video!

Rest of the course was quite boring, because I did play for the team. Anders was doing really good work in front. He is clear KING of the long night; I am just king of one route choice…

Kings of the night

This night I will remember forever. It was a perfect performance from Kalevan Rasti TEAM:

The TEAM: Tero, Fabu, Pena, Chrob, Jere, Hannu, Tommi, Haaska, Aaro, Miika

And I still have to remember head coach Pipo! Injured athlets Simo, SP and Nurci plus supporters Borje and Jukka plus all the others... They are making THE TEAM

Tiomila webpages
GPS tracking 3rd leg

Training camp times

Just watch the movies and go twice a day for the o-training, what the life. I did spend two last weeks with this easy lifestyle, firstly in the France with the Czech national team. there was written already much about our cooperation with the Swedish team. The result was the best training camp I have ever been. My runs on the measured trainings were quite good, but I was quite poor in the low speed trainings.

I spend just two days in Joensuu and we were traveling again to Sweden. Southern Sweden is destination without the snow, but pretty far from Joensuu. With some Longeros on the boat, it was possible to survive over 24h of traveling.

Times are changing, during pressure training Miika was not able to follow Kalle and during 10M test Kalle beat me badly...

Mari just shows to Heikkonen, what happend tonight with his hand. See you in autumn!

Our coach Pipo just find out that I lost my brain somewhere on the way from France. This results in quite good runs in night mass start training (half on the rouds and avg speed 4:18 in the night!) and in the competition, but also in two 5min mistakes during night’s trainings…

My preformance on 10M test was not the best. I did find 5th and 3th control twice and 4th control I did not find at all (there was a flag on the knoll next to the right one and I did not know that)

5min searching for the control number 7 in second round take away all the pressure during pressure training...

Finally, today I manage to run 5km for 15:25 (3:06, 3:04, 3:06, 3:06, 3:03) in Joensuu Areena. The track is in really poor condition there and I was running alone, so I am quite satisfied with the result. Thanks to Pipo for timekeeping, Ape for shooting the videos, Jere for last km help and Hannu for starting feeling :)

Start position

What a feeling

I am now selected to EOC and WOC sprint and it is time to get ready for this competitions. The rest of the Czech team have selection races this weekend. Hopefully trio Jan Mrazek, Jan Sedivy and Petr Losman will take last places in the team, I am with you!

France NEXT

I am leaving for the training camp to the France with Czech team. I am looking forward, because program looks challenging.

Kalevan Rasti team is on the training camp in Bulgaria right now, so last days in Joensuu were quite silent and boring with an exception of Biathlon World Cup at the weekend. I did support Michal Slesinger well...

In the beginning of February, We did have training camp in Slovenia. I can recommend this destination to everyone. More info is on CZE webpages or JEva.

Finally the highlight of article, two weeks ago I did run 10km of road running Kbelská desítka. This competition does start in the same village, where Jan Šedivý is living. Unfortunately, strong snowstorm during night covered the entire track with snow so times were poor. The winner Peter Losman was really strong in the end and I am waiting his time from Roma marathon this weekend. I was nearly beaten by Jan Mrazek for the first time in running competition. But he is still Pragovácká sole

In the end we have to paint sauna, because we beat Jan Sedivy and he do not have any blog to answer back…

Time to speed up!

It is already over one week from the times when KR train was driving trough old railway in Arraiolos

We did quite much good training in the competition speed. The highlight was maybe night mass-start with the speed under 5min/km and wet and marshy ground. The most important was that all the KR runners manage to finish nearly in the same time.

Riding with KR train around Arraiolos destroy me quite much and I was not able to compete on the POM, but times of the winners were amazing…

After coming back into Finland, nice weather was waiting us again. I just realize that it is better to check temperature before going to run. -35 is too much…

Fortunately weather starts to be smart and it looks that temperature will not decrease under -20 anymore. That is good news, because it is already start to speed up, after long and cold winter!

How to repair a car in the middle of nowhere with internet access but without mobile phone signal?

It does not look like Skoda...

Maybe it is because of CarSAUNA from the King dinner?

But finally Hannu found the solution…


Any post already for the one month, but not because of boring time, I just get frozen immediately after my arrival into the Finland.

I can tell you that 160min long run in the -23 can make you drunk for free :)

I can tell you that not just sun-bathing, but also freeze-bathing can destroy your face skin…

I can tell you what it means Hevonen hiihto (horse skiing = speeding in the uphills) with Krtek and Rumcajs...

I can tell you what does it mean to ski distance from Prague to Brno and run from Joensuu to Vuokatti in the one week. Actually this stupidity destroys my knee again and shows me red alert light. Fortunately nothing dangerous and knee looks OK again… More about training camp in Vuokatti is on SP blog.

Uphills in Vuokatti, I did not run, because of the knee:

Winter scenery of last month:

Last week weather started to be warm again (around -7), but soon I will disappear to the Portugal. Hopefully red alert light in my knee already turn into the green light and I will be able to run POM 2010.