Any post already for the one month, but not because of boring time, I just get frozen immediately after my arrival into the Finland.

I can tell you that 160min long run in the -23 can make you drunk for free :)

I can tell you that not just sun-bathing, but also freeze-bathing can destroy your face skin…

I can tell you what it means Hevonen hiihto (horse skiing = speeding in the uphills) with Krtek and Rumcajs...

I can tell you what does it mean to ski distance from Prague to Brno and run from Joensuu to Vuokatti in the one week. Actually this stupidity destroys my knee again and shows me red alert light. Fortunately nothing dangerous and knee looks OK again… More about training camp in Vuokatti is on SP blog.

Uphills in Vuokatti, I did not run, because of the knee:

Winter scenery of last month:

Last week weather started to be warm again (around -7), but soon I will disappear to the Portugal. Hopefully red alert light in my knee already turn into the green light and I will be able to run POM 2010.

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