All my friends

already had successful summer holidays with many good results. For example some of them are Czech Champions and European Champions. The others manage to sucesfully finish pretty extreme challenges or change to cycling like Nurci and Hannu:

I am still waiting for my results, which I can add on the list. Fortunately the waiting time is getting shorter and WOC2011 is coming closer. I spend whole June in the mountains and in the beginning of July we had the last training camp with the Czech team. During that time I got finally pretty good felling during sprint training in Annecy and made few solid runs on the WOC relevant maps. Here are examples from Czech team mass starts intervals and middleQ (quite the same as Finnish selection races):

Finally the time of the preparation is over and time of the competitions is coming. You can follow WOC 2011 competitions on the World of O, with many articles like this one, or the finals might be live on the official webpages. Those spectators who will be on the place can again visit our Czech team during one of the free days. This Year we cannot offer waffles, but there will be cruel kayak battles on the lake. More info might be on Czech team webpages sooooon.

Let's follow us live:
Tuesday 16th 15:00 Sprint Final
Wednesday 17th 12:30 Long Final
Friday 19th 13:30 Middle Final
Saturday 20th 13:15 Relays

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