WUOC is over

It was really nice week in Borlange and my last competitions before WOC in Trondheim. Organizers of WUOC 2010 from my former club Stora Tuna did a perfect job and all the competitions have really nice atmosphere!

I ran long on Tuesday as a test race for WOC long. Unfortunately, I was still destroyed from previous training camp in Trondheim and did not reach my usual speed.

Run A Way from Gyllbergen long

Sprint was in the city of Borlange and my performance was much stronger than in the previous long distance. Competition terrain was again really similar to WOC 2010 sprint area and it was a good test! Hopefully, my running speed will rise in following two weeks!

Run A Way from sprint

Today we run the most important relay competition! It was difficult to select the teams for our coach of Czech team. In the end we split the team to youngsters and MASTERS. Tomas Dlabaja started our MASTER team pretty well and change to Jan Sedivy on the top positions, just before youngsters. Seda ran the best time on the second leg and change to me in the lead. I started quite aggressive, but run out of energy soon. After that Johan Aronsson from Sweden took a lead and run away from me, FUCK. But I did not find any extra energy to follow him. Still this is silver for our MASTER team! JOOO

Our MASTER car driver Roban

And New-Ski captain Vodr

map from relay:

On the way to/from Trondheim

After lonely Bulgaria, I was part of KR team in crowded Jukola. I did run first leg and my orienteering was out of control as you can see from my GPS

My first top of season were Jukola and Czech selection races in Trondheim. I had to change my plans and start to focus on new and LONG challenge after those competitions ...

Last week Czech team have training camp in Trondheim and my orienteering skills were falling down. Time for REST from the map.

Our Coach is big star of worldofo.com and before WOC he requires mistake less performances even during traveling in a car.

Because on today route to Borlange we did visit one nice festival in Norway Mountains :) The only problem was that we did know anything about the Festival beforehand.

View Directions to Borlänge Municipality, Sweden in a larger map

I will run long, sprint and relays on WUOC in next days and I promise more actual info than in last months.