What to do on the Christmas day?

The solution is clear last years. We are running around (along) Sazava river (Posázavská stezka). It is around 30km.

This track suits to everyone as you can see. Zhaly.kom is this year winner, because he was the cleverest one. Klacky.cz were training for the rogaining and come one hour later…

But the biggest hero was Boky due to his run and also his driving skills:

I do not have any reason to make PF2010, because I can never beat Master Builder Mraz and his PF2010

Fair play, fair game, THANKS!

I am still in Joensuu, but I got some prices in the Czech Republic due to my "performances" (mainly due to Michal's act of humanity) during 2009 season.

We got a Fair play price from Eqiuca Company with Tomas Dlabaja and Michal Smola during Global Cooling Conference.

The Same price (Fair play) we get from Vavrys, Českomoravský Cement and finally also from TOI TOI on the Czech Orienteering Season Ending. THANKS! We will use this support in the best way to be again in the top during Trondheim relay competition.

I was also awarded as number 4 foot orienteer of this season. The winner was clear, Dana Brozkova, congratulation.

Last acknowledgment is for our coach and his countenance on the photos. I can never looks better there:)

source: www.kade.cz

Koli was in target

The things are changing in our team. The aim is clear, find out how to be even better and do “old fashioned tactic with no mistake” (Tero, autumn 2009).

First kick out towards the season was in the Koli and I can tell you we will be strong next year!

I was an example, that not every time the fastest man in the starting point is not the fastest in the forest. My problem was a respect from the terrain this time…
Night-o map
SP, our new member fits to our team really well

Just 20% of climbing

There is a winter and no TV in our appartment in Joensuu.

O-technique in focus

Double parallel mistake during Monday night-o, good example for orienteering class books, but I cannot be proud of it…

Thursday was better, but still not a perfect

On Saturday Pipo prepare daylight training, it was pretty fast terrain with the soft ground. I have terrible felling whole course and loose 2min to Hannu.

We did 110min of running on Sunday with Aaro, Hannu and koira. The dog was really stupid and follows us about 10km and than disappear somewhere. The highlight of the training was short sprint after 70min of running. It was fun mainly for the dog. He was happy that we speed up and split up…

Snowless autumn time in Joensuu

Some night trainings, still much to improve!

"Mass start", Hannu's backyard (20cm of snow):

Jukka's backyard, but headlamp did not work in the end

And some examples of daylights:

I try to run in the terrain as much as I can to improve my running skills in Scandinavian terrain. WOC in Tronheim is just behind the doors!

Season kick OFF

First training week of 2010 season is over and it was not boring at all:

I started my training year on Monday by night-o. It was not successful, because my battery charger was broken. Unfortunately I realize it in the middle of forest, when my head lamp switched off. I was able to come back, just due to full moon shining…

There was another night-o on Thursday and I found my old halogen headlamp. Everything goes well until I stuck in a dense forest. My lamp cable was disconnected from the battery, but I was not able to connect it again. I was missing one important part: This time Johanes save my life, thanks!

This is not mess, but Rogaining training (green=bike, purple=run)

Lastly, we did rogaining training with Hannu on Saturday. It was fortunately in daylight, but night snowing makes it more challenging. There were two parts 1,5h of biking and 1,5h of running. We are really good bikers. Our average biking speed was 5:30 and running 6:30 per km. This clearly shows our biking skills…


Joulupukki organizer:

Fin(n)ish MAKARA

Skilled biker

Finally we did it! Smalandskavlen 2009

Hannu, Tommi, Simo, Haaska and Fabu, thanks for a great performances! It is pleasure to run in the same team with you.

Our second team was shot down by diseases, but they were still number 4 after 3dr leg. That is promising! I am waiting next year!

Smalandskavlen homepage

source: http://www.smalandskavlen.nu/

source: http://www.smalandskavlen.nu/

Top level of stupidity

I did not feel really guilty after last year disqualification on Halikko relays (I cross the field) and this year I try to repair my performance, but I just manage to reach top level of stupidity and disqualify our team for second time…

Thanks everyone of KR team for great performances and I am sorry. ANTEEKSI!

GPS pictures in one minute interval:

I just give up race, because Hiisirasti and MS Parma run away from me and there is too short way to catch them

I can still safe our result, if I watch the map or the field on the right side, but I did not do it.

Now I already punch last control and I am running to the finish, together with winning team. I am confused and do not understand what is going on??? But my map is still somewhere deep in the pocket…

I manage to punch finish and now I have short chat with Rane, he is asking me, why I did not run last loop?

Fuck! I just realize that mistake, but it is too late. I already punch finish line. Never mind I will try to finish this race, but I was for 90 percent sure that we will be disqualified…

Some explanations:
We were the only leg, which was running to that part of forest and I did not expect it. I was checking whole course after the start, but every time stop on the 15th control. I just realize that I am not reading the map, when I am approaching competition center and this was also reason of my WOC middle disqualification.

Let’s learn from the mistakes and improve my skills for FUTURE…


I have just one question after this competition. Is it better to run like juustokikkeli with a good team result like last year, or do good performance with poor overall result like this year?
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