My first Huippuliigan in Paimio

On Sunday I run Silja Rastit for the first time. This is first competition of Finnish Huippuliigan. It was middle distance near to Paimio. I did few small mistakes, because I did not understand that fastest routes are usually under the line. A have to repeat Sixteen Sild performance from WOC 1991 in CZE again and I can use it next week on the long distance competition during Finn Spring.
Maps with routchoices

My running speed was not perfect, but my average heart rate was 187 during competition. Now I have intervals session in front of me and I should improve my running speed soon. I am not even writing about that I have more than half of the control under the sea level, but you can see it from altitude meter. I am not first, because controls in the middle of the sea are already well-known in Jan Mrazek blog, but he did not have time to pick them up this weekend:)

10M 2009 - Mission uncompleted

Our team goal on the 10M 2009 was to run errorless competition. Our aim was to do less than 10min mistakes and we did not success, because we made 14min of mistakes all together. Here is counting made by our coach Jukka:

Haaska 90s
Hannu 20s
Miika 30s
Tommi 210s
Aaro 0s
Simo 80s
Pena 150s
Antti 50s
Väinö 200s
Tero 35s
Total 14 min

I was running 1st leg and my performance was good. I was running in the top 10 nearly whole course and did not run full speed, but I try to do controlled orienteering. I did biggest mistake on the way to pre-warning just before finish, because I did not run around and stick in the (stuff) spruce forest for one minute… Maybe I was missing some special training in green hell?

Our Kalevan Rasti team finishes on the second place due to incredible performance of our joker on the last leg. This is good result, but we were aiming higher. Our goal for the next year is to give Tero opportunity to compete for the victory! And we can do it, just by errorless orienteering. Now we have to wait one more year to complete our mission.


10mila shivers:
Story teller Kody
How many differences can you find? choose Halden and compare to Mraz :)

Tiomila 2009 KR team

I have run 8 night orienteering trainings in last 2 weeks. My usual daily program was disturbed and changed during those days… why? The only goal of these days was to prepare myself for 18th-19th April for 10M competition and I can say I am prepared like never before with 12 other runners and 2 coaches:
MR Airila
From Tiomila team 2009

Night master Miika
From Tiomila team 2009

Spanish star Tommi
From Tiomila team 2009

Train master Jere
From Tiomila team 2009

Big star Nutela Nurmonen
From Tiomila team 2009

Kiuruvesi team leader Pipo
From Tiomila team 2009

Guitar hero Aaro
From Tiomila team 2009

Baby sitter Simo
From Tiomila team 2009

O-teacher Pena
From Tiomila team 2009

Time to be precise for Tero
From Tiomila team 2009

Swiss future Fabian
From Tiomila team 2009

First member of Kiuruvesi team Haaska
From Tiomila team 2009

Map reader Borje
From Tiomila team 2009

IT night train master Jukka
From Tiomila team 2009

Nějaké to počtení

Už je tomu pár dní co jsme se s Jiřinem pokusili přiblížit OB běžecké veřejnosti na stránkách bě, i když si stále nejsem jistý zda rozhovor je tou nejlepší cestou?
To se ukazuje na četnosti čtení článků, když dvojnásobnou ji má nám běhajícím F1 dobře známý manager Hynek Urban... Jen tak dál! To je propagace!
But now is time to focus on 10M, because I cannot miss more than 1min...

KR training camp in Ahus

I have spent last week in Skane preparing myself for 10mila with KR team, because of that I did not take part on the Czech team training camp in Hungary, but some info about this training camp is here. We did same night trainings in the same terrains like 10mila should be…

Fortunately there were some better terrains just behind our accommodation:

Like that should look 10M competition center during first leg mass start:
From 2009 - Ahus

On Sunday we take part on the Ranas relay and finish second behind really strong team OK Linné. I run first leg and came second in the leading group. I did one big mistake and some wrong route choices. Unfortunately we were expecting technical courses on the 3 and 4 legs, but those courses were mostly about path running.

From 2009 - Ahus

From 2009 - Ahus

From 2009 - Ahus

It is still quite much of the snow in Joensuu, so I am moving myself to the south of Finland in Thursday and I will stay there until 10M…