My first Huippuliigan in Paimio

On Sunday I run Silja Rastit for the first time. This is first competition of Finnish Huippuliigan. It was middle distance near to Paimio. I did few small mistakes, because I did not understand that fastest routes are usually under the line. A have to repeat Sixteen Sild performance from WOC 1991 in CZE again and I can use it next week on the long distance competition during Finn Spring.
Maps with routchoices

My running speed was not perfect, but my average heart rate was 187 during competition. Now I have intervals session in front of me and I should improve my running speed soon. I am not even writing about that I have more than half of the control under the sea level, but you can see it from altitude meter. I am not first, because controls in the middle of the sea are already well-known in Jan Mrazek blog, but he did not have time to pick them up this weekend:)

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