Finally we did it! Smalandskavlen 2009

Hannu, Tommi, Simo, Haaska and Fabu, thanks for a great performances! It is pleasure to run in the same team with you.

Our second team was shot down by diseases, but they were still number 4 after 3dr leg. That is promising! I am waiting next year!

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Top level of stupidity

I did not feel really guilty after last year disqualification on Halikko relays (I cross the field) and this year I try to repair my performance, but I just manage to reach top level of stupidity and disqualify our team for second time…

Thanks everyone of KR team for great performances and I am sorry. ANTEEKSI!

GPS pictures in one minute interval:

I just give up race, because Hiisirasti and MS Parma run away from me and there is too short way to catch them

I can still safe our result, if I watch the map or the field on the right side, but I did not do it.

Now I already punch last control and I am running to the finish, together with winning team. I am confused and do not understand what is going on??? But my map is still somewhere deep in the pocket…

I manage to punch finish and now I have short chat with Rane, he is asking me, why I did not run last loop?

Fuck! I just realize that mistake, but it is too late. I already punch finish line. Never mind I will try to finish this race, but I was for 90 percent sure that we will be disqualified…

Some explanations:
We were the only leg, which was running to that part of forest and I did not expect it. I was checking whole course after the start, but every time stop on the 15th control. I just realize that I am not reading the map, when I am approaching competition center and this was also reason of my WOC middle disqualification.

Let’s learn from the mistakes and improve my skills for FUTURE…


I have just one question after this competition. Is it better to run like juustokikkeli with a good team result like last year, or do good performance with poor overall result like this year?
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Czech Relay and Club Championship in pictures

Pídžípí šílí


Pídžípí šílí i před ToiToikou

First step towards our aim:

Kindergarden SK Praga:

Post Finance sprint WC final

My performance on middle was really poor:

So I was surprised by my next day result. I was running well, due to nice preparation made by APe and Hannu (previous article), kiitos:

World cup overall results 2009

Our tour before sprint trough Zurich with Michal Smola and Tomas Dlabaja in pictures. Unfortunately Jan Sedivy and Jan Mrazek were not there:D