Traning for the top

It looks that WOC selections will not be my top. Sprint race for sure... Hopefully I will be ready for NOC and Jukola.

Getting closer to Kiuruvesi: Koli was in target

I spend last week in beautiful nature of Koli national park. Program was clear, the same like every beginning of the May in Zdravotnik with two main trainings: 3x3km and 3x12min uphill…

Enjoy the nature with K-team leader Pipo:

Running with Haaska, Hannu, Aaro and Nuttela:

Doing nothing with Pipo:

Cooking and playing was work of MAMA Jere:

Jumalauta: Finn Spring 2009

We were traveling basic 7 hours to the Finn Spring competitions near Vaasa, but this time it was not wasting of the time. Terrain on the west coast was challenging and difficult. It is funny to run classic distance in this kind of the terrain!

I was running quite well, but I was not able to use my running capacity in that kind of the terrain, because underground did not look like track and field tartan surface, where I am usually training. And it is also difficult to run butterflies, because we are coming from winter Joensuu and you cannot see here any butterflies…

But main part of our trip came in the afternoon, when we were fishing. Unfortunately fishes in this part of the Finland do not like candies…

After my classic distance performance, I got an opportunity to run last leg again, but I fail. I was caught by Pasi after 18 min of running by 1min and I try to follow him, but this was mission impossible in that kind of the ground surface for me. I was not able to read the map and did 2min mistake when Pasi disappear from my view…