Czech middle and sprint championship in pictures

Wednesdays steeple for 9:42, maybe bit tired?

CZE sprint champs
Sprint Champs in Kutna Hora UNESCO heritage

TV broadcast

CZE middle champs
No speed, big mistakes and only price is hole in my head...

Foto by Kade: and small story:
Last loop looks difficult

Oj but what is that?

Kalle says: Respect the trees

Maybe Kaksi vanha puuta?

Japanese map technic in last loop...

SP Finland and Jukola 2009

Everyone knows how to run in the terrain in south of Finland. I hear this sentence after running Silja Rastit in the spring. Nordic runners are really good in this kind of the terrain and it is difficult to beat them. I manage to run good orienteering just with small mistakes and finish on 17th place.

Weather was pretty windy, because I cannot find other explanations of GPS route difference to the northeast control in the butterfly. I have to discuss that with GPS expert...
I did not expect anything from this competition, but was kindly surprised after finishing on 8th place (Fortunately Jan Mrazek did not find time to take part in this competition, so I am number 7 in the results. You can read more here). Still I can find many small mistakes in the end of the competition…
GPS routes
We finish under the top again, but it was close this time! We will be back and stronger next year. Thanks Tomi, Hannu, Miika, Simo, Fabu and Tero for their performances. It is pleasure to run with you in the one team. We are waiting 10M and Jukola 2010 and our goal is not difficult, just catch one place :)

GPS routes

NOC2009 Relays

My first race after the sickness was today’s relays on theNOC2009. It is every time hot to run with Olaf and Bingo. Why it is hot, you can find here later:)

I was running 2nd leg this time and my race was quite ok. We were number 6 and this is a big success for our team in the Nordic terrain!

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My splits made by Jukka

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