WOC 2011 one good result, but...

It is nearly two weeks since I drink Redbull with Whisky before banquet and was really pissed off by my performances in forest during WOC 2011.

Sprint 8th place
But not all was going badly. I had really good start to Championship on the sprint. I was number eight pretty close to podium. My performance on the sprint was really good I had a good control and my running speed was OK. In the end I felt bit tired, but still this was my second best individual result on World Championship and I have to be satisfied!

Coming for 8th place in the sprint!

Middle 32nd place
First disaster came on the middle distance. I spend a lot of time in French forests before WOC, but even this was not enough to handle this terrain. I was poor technically and surprisingly also my running speed was really slow. I finished 32nd and was pretty disappointed. I was watching GPS in the evening and was really surprised how the best orienteerers can handle the terrain. The best example is route choice of Thierry and Peter to the 7th control.


Relays 12th place
The last event was the relays. They were always top event of every Championship for me and I never run badly there until this year. I finally got a last leg, but not because of my fabulous performances during WOC, but because there was not anyone better in our team. Tomas did a perfect job on the first leg, but miss a bit in the end. Adam make a perfect run on the second leg, but he miss again in the end on the control in the depression. I started 13th and run well just few controls and then I lost all my self confidence and miss a lot. It was still possible to finish on 8th spot, but I fail even in this mission and we were 12 far away from the bests.

The photograph (Kade.cz) was the only one who saw my backs during realys...

Finally Big congratulations to Martina, Eva and Dana. I was a strong feeling to see that their dream became a truth! And also thanks to Radovan, Lalla and Pearman Muros!

My feelings after WOC are not the best, but season is still not over. Right now I am really disappointed especially by my performance in relays and I will do all I can to repair it on the World Cup in Liberec!

Was it too serios? So one joke, I am searching some pulse massager to get my hamstring back to condition. There are many of them in different coulours on dealextreme.