Every time you are moving, something gets broken. This time I am talking about my language skills. Sorry, but if you are still interested in my blog, you can find it here: I am going to write it in Czech, but sometimes I will also write in English (about biggest international events). The reason is that it took a lot of energy to write in English. I hope that I will update my blog more frequently this time...

WOC 2011 one good result, but...

It is nearly two weeks since I drink Redbull with Whisky before banquet and was really pissed off by my performances in forest during WOC 2011.

Sprint 8th place
But not all was going badly. I had really good start to Championship on the sprint. I was number eight pretty close to podium. My performance on the sprint was really good I had a good control and my running speed was OK. In the end I felt bit tired, but still this was my second best individual result on World Championship and I have to be satisfied!

Coming for 8th place in the sprint!

Middle 32nd place
First disaster came on the middle distance. I spend a lot of time in French forests before WOC, but even this was not enough to handle this terrain. I was poor technically and surprisingly also my running speed was really slow. I finished 32nd and was pretty disappointed. I was watching GPS in the evening and was really surprised how the best orienteerers can handle the terrain. The best example is route choice of Thierry and Peter to the 7th control.


Relays 12th place
The last event was the relays. They were always top event of every Championship for me and I never run badly there until this year. I finally got a last leg, but not because of my fabulous performances during WOC, but because there was not anyone better in our team. Tomas did a perfect job on the first leg, but miss a bit in the end. Adam make a perfect run on the second leg, but he miss again in the end on the control in the depression. I started 13th and run well just few controls and then I lost all my self confidence and miss a lot. It was still possible to finish on 8th spot, but I fail even in this mission and we were 12 far away from the bests.

The photograph ( was the only one who saw my backs during realys...

Finally Big congratulations to Martina, Eva and Dana. I was a strong feeling to see that their dream became a truth! And also thanks to Radovan, Lalla and Pearman Muros!

My feelings after WOC are not the best, but season is still not over. Right now I am really disappointed especially by my performance in relays and I will do all I can to repair it on the World Cup in Liberec!

Was it too serios? So one joke, I am searching some pulse massager to get my hamstring back to condition. There are many of them in different coulours on dealextreme.

All my friends

already had successful summer holidays with many good results. For example some of them are Czech Champions and European Champions. The others manage to sucesfully finish pretty extreme challenges or change to cycling like Nurci and Hannu:

I am still waiting for my results, which I can add on the list. Fortunately the waiting time is getting shorter and WOC2011 is coming closer. I spend whole June in the mountains and in the beginning of July we had the last training camp with the Czech team. During that time I got finally pretty good felling during sprint training in Annecy and made few solid runs on the WOC relevant maps. Here are examples from Czech team mass starts intervals and middleQ (quite the same as Finnish selection races):

Finally the time of the preparation is over and time of the competitions is coming. You can follow WOC 2011 competitions on the World of O, with many articles like this one, or the finals might be live on the official webpages. Those spectators who will be on the place can again visit our Czech team during one of the free days. This Year we cannot offer waffles, but there will be cruel kayak battles on the lake. More info might be on Czech team webpages sooooon.

Let's follow us live:
Tuesday 16th 15:00 Sprint Final
Wednesday 17th 12:30 Long Final
Friday 19th 13:30 Middle Final
Saturday 20th 13:15 Relays

This invitation was posted by clever guy in fashion cap:

Ready2go? Not yet…

The last weekend I run the most important competitions before WOC the Czech team selections races for WOC 2011. I didn’t have enough experiences with French terrain and It is still difficult to stay focused all the time and run without any major mistake in this terrain. I didn’t run well on competitions, but it was still enough to get a place in Czech team. So let's get ready for middle, sprint and relays!

Czech WOC 2011 team

This was competition just for the Czech team. Maybe my best performance, but there is still lot of work in front of me before WOC.
I was a bit injured and nearly did not start to sprint competition, but in the end I run over pain and make result wich was not good in overall, but it was good compare to Czech runners...
map results
No comment...
Right now I am I Chamrousse on high altitude training camp. Me, Seda and Kody decided to combine map trainings with high altitude effect, so we are staying in high altitude and every second day traveling to WOC area for two maps trainings. Next week we will spend in WOC area even more time, because we will join Czech team training camp.

So in one month WE SHOULD BE READY TO GO:
From Getting ready for WOC 2011

Czech Championship in brainless running (10km on track)

There are some reasons why I was running non-forked legs in last 2 years on 10mila. Our “team supporter” Borje always makes a jokes about some brainless runner from Central Europe. About one month ago I felt really happy when I found out that I am not only one brainless runner. There is Czech Championship in the brainless running. The rules are quite simple: You have to run 25 rounds on the track as fast as you can. What a race!

Saturday 14th May was a day of 31min and 45sec running without brain and with huge pain. Before the race I wanted to challenge 31min border, but after 6km I felt totally destroyed and move my aim to 31:50. That was a double time of Czech team track and field time (We have to run 5km in 15:55 for selection to WOC sprint). I manage to do it and I was 7th best brainless runner. Stepan Kodeda finished just behind me as 8th best brainless runner and that results just showed to Finns from KR his real character!

Results of 10km Czech Track Championship

On Sunday I was too lazy to travel to Opava for Czech Cup, especially when I was not alone who makes this decision. I run pretty nice national competitions in terrain with many small details and really stony ground. This is one of the best terrains you can find in the Czech Republic. It took me 3 controls to start my brain after Saturday and I was losing bit over one minute after small mistakes in the beginning. Afterwards my performance was pretty good, just speed was bit lower. I finished 2nd about one minute behind Jan Sedivy.

Results of Sunday middle

I am 7th best brainless runner, but am I also brainless reader?

Tomas Dlabaja
must have dynamite in his legs, or I cannot understand how he managed to lose two minutes on the control number 14? Or is he able to run leg which are basic runners running over 1 min in 30s?
I guess Jan Mrazek still did not pass his Math exam, because when I tried to count how many runners from SK Praga beat him on Sunday and I am getting different results…

proHAASKA you are Zero (10mila 2011)

Our motto was this year, all the clubs have same chance to win Tiomila competition and we have to do our best, if we want to win again. Before the start we are Zero and let’s see who will be the Hero in the morning.

KR team: Kiril, Miika, Hannu, Jere, Adam, Simo, Jan, Pena, Fabu, Tero

I started my preparation before the race in the mood of Halikko relays and try to use spike shoes during 10mila competition. (Un)fortunately my attempt was discovered and I have to change my running shoes to do not disqualify our team.

My performance on the shortest and non-forked leg was pretty good. I used cooperation with SNO and Pål Skogtjärn and we run without major mistakes and with pretty good speed all the time. You can watch my performance from GPS route.

From GPS of 7th leg it looks like I was leading the group all the time, but like Matthias wrote never trust the GPS. I was following SNO team in the beginning quite much, because I didn’t have permission to run from our coach Pipo, but in the finish I can tell myself proHAASKA you are Hero and I have to wait overall result of our team. After perfect performances of Pena, Fabu and Tero we did it again: We are Tiomila winners 2011! and I am already waiting next year!

Fabu is just preparing his fire to grill out SNO team on 9th leg

Yes, yes 5min of mistakes, but still frist one on the fin(n)ish line

What a Team!

I spend Easters in really nice terrains around Tis u Blatna and Rabštejn. Those terrains are famous all around the world, because of WOC 1991 classic distance. The performance of Sixten Sild made a legend and new word was established in Czech. Sild means "to go straight". The best example is his famous routechoice to 4th control:
This time I could not follow his steps, because I do not have to prepare for long leg on Toimila, like last year. This year I am getting ready for short and technical performance and my night trainings were focused for this:
More info about our training camp is on Zhaly.kom and soon will be published BT story.

By the way title of this article is: What a team! I just want to show how difficult is to get place in KR Tiomila team. I got a place in the leg which Aaro call leg for trained Mursu and Mraz leg for trained monkey. Let's see how my performance looks like this Sunday morning will:

10 mila webpages
KR teams

Czech night championship

I took part on the Czech Night Championship after the long time. I ran my last night championship in the junior class. This year there was a big change in the system of the competition. It was a first time we run the Night Champs with the mass start. I was against mass start before the competition and sign the petition against this system…

In the end mass start course was quite interesting for the runners with many surprises like map exchange I the middle of the forest. On the one hand this made the courses more interesting, but on the other hand on-line results were hectic, because loops were pretty different… The question is what was the reason to introduce mass start? The course was not more spectacular for the fans in the competition area, because we run trough just once and it was just 5min before the end. Maybe with the live GPS tracking it might be more interesting. This is a challenge for the next years for next organizers. In overall, the mass start competition was really good preparation for the real night top of the spring season in two weeks: TIOMILA 2011


The results reveal that I am getting ready for it! My run was pretty good nearly without any mistake and with quite good speed, but I still have to keep in mind the difference between Continental and Scandinavian terrains!

My maps from Czech night Championship:

Sorry for the quality, but I did not find daylight during the night!

Ready to rock?

Us you can see I did hardly find the time to update my blog in last months and even this article will be quite poor, but I promise it will be better in following weeks. First of all I am going to run Czech Night Champs this weekend. After that I am spending Easters with famous BT team on BT training camp and finally I will be ready to rock on 10mila!

Crocks from last months:

Something extra for readers of Czech orienteering magazine (featuring: Tero, Pena, Me and Hannu):

Routegadget of middle training competition during Czech team weekends.

Swiss champs sprint and middle

Czech teMäm Training camp in orienteering paradise Gibel:

Up and down

First of all, readers from Prague are warmly welcome to the night training on Wednesday! More info is here.

It is nice to read facebook statuses and emails of Finns from Joensuu. There is about -30 and I could easily remember how it feels to train in this weather, on the other hand, there is coming a lot of positive altitude from Joensuu and I am looking forward for next week and Portugal training camp!

source of photo

I made some winter core training with highlight during skiing training camp in Sumava on the beginning of February. This time I didn’t win, because our common skiing sessions with Seda had score about 0:6 for Seda, but lot of training hours in 5 days and nice weather were just great.

Last weekend I took part in the running competition Svatojansky beh, improve local track record and got a great chemistry (picture above) for my Skoda as price! Just perfect, but you cannot stay all the time on the top. I understand this after reading about unsuccessful performance of Mraz during his preparation for marathon and have same feeling during Czech team training camp in Hradec Kralove. This camp was just perfect and you can watch the maps and results here. I just come back to my junior times and run all the trainings with totally destroyed hamstring (stupid), instead of having a break. Let’s rest now and climb back to the peak during POM2011 in two weeks!

Fashion Police from

Winter weekends with Czech team

Czech team has a new strategy during this winter. We have training camps every second weekend during January and February.

First training camp was from 21nd till 23rd January in snowless Slovakia. Unfortunately I was a bit sick after coming back from Honolulu so I ran just two trainings with a low speed. We are exploring different parts of our country during those weekends training camps and in a combination (Not Ari Pekka Combination!) with reduce maps (without routes etc.) we are training our orienteering technical skills:

Our Prague winter night cup F1 is also already in progress, but I was running just one training last week. Hopefully I will manage to run more during next two months.

After moving back from Joensuu I started again with my basic training, which I was used to do before. Part of this training program are running competitions so I took part in the 3km indoor Prague Championship and manage to run 3km just 0,4s slower than was my plan.

Tomorrow I am going to the skiing training camp with the Czech team. Program will be basic, like Markus did, or we did last year with KR in Vuokatti. This time I will miss my best training mate Jan Mrazek. He finally manage to make the best Kopyto, but we cannot use it together. What a pity! Hopefully I will teach Seda, what does it mean Hevonen hiihto


Basic weather, basic food, basic running, basic orienteering and basic work in from of TV (Eurosport). What a basic live in Honolulu (Sorry Maspalomas Gran Canaria), with thousands of basic training seconds in January, but feels like May: