Winter weekends with Czech team

Czech team has a new strategy during this winter. We have training camps every second weekend during January and February.

First training camp was from 21nd till 23rd January in snowless Slovakia. Unfortunately I was a bit sick after coming back from Honolulu so I ran just two trainings with a low speed. We are exploring different parts of our country during those weekends training camps and in a combination (Not Ari Pekka Combination!) with reduce maps (without routes etc.) we are training our orienteering technical skills:

Our Prague winter night cup F1 is also already in progress, but I was running just one training last week. Hopefully I will manage to run more during next two months.

After moving back from Joensuu I started again with my basic training, which I was used to do before. Part of this training program are running competitions so I took part in the 3km indoor Prague Championship and manage to run 3km just 0,4s slower than was my plan.

Tomorrow I am going to the skiing training camp with the Czech team. Program will be basic, like Markus did, or we did last year with KR in Vuokatti. This time I will miss my best training mate Jan Mrazek. He finally manage to make the best Kopyto, but we cannot use it together. What a pity! Hopefully I will teach Seda, what does it mean Hevonen hiihto

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Interesting news from you janne :-)! /Rikard