Up and down

First of all, readers from Prague are warmly welcome to the night training on Wednesday! More info is here.

It is nice to read facebook statuses and emails of Finns from Joensuu. There is about -30 and I could easily remember how it feels to train in this weather, on the other hand, there is coming a lot of positive altitude from Joensuu and I am looking forward for next week and Portugal training camp!

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I made some winter core training with highlight during skiing training camp in Sumava on the beginning of February. This time I didn’t win, because our common skiing sessions with Seda had score about 0:6 for Seda, but lot of training hours in 5 days and nice weather were just great.

Last weekend I took part in the running competition Svatojansky beh, improve local track record and got a great chemistry (picture above) for my Skoda as price! Just perfect, but you cannot stay all the time on the top. I understand this after reading about unsuccessful performance of Mraz during his preparation for marathon and have same feeling during Czech team training camp in Hradec Kralove. This camp was just perfect and you can watch the maps and results here. I just come back to my junior times and run all the trainings with totally destroyed hamstring (stupid), instead of having a break. Let’s rest now and climb back to the peak during POM2011 in two weeks!

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