Czech Championship in brainless running (10km on track)

There are some reasons why I was running non-forked legs in last 2 years on 10mila. Our “team supporter” Borje always makes a jokes about some brainless runner from Central Europe. About one month ago I felt really happy when I found out that I am not only one brainless runner. There is Czech Championship in the brainless running. The rules are quite simple: You have to run 25 rounds on the track as fast as you can. What a race!

Saturday 14th May was a day of 31min and 45sec running without brain and with huge pain. Before the race I wanted to challenge 31min border, but after 6km I felt totally destroyed and move my aim to 31:50. That was a double time of Czech team track and field time (We have to run 5km in 15:55 for selection to WOC sprint). I manage to do it and I was 7th best brainless runner. Stepan Kodeda finished just behind me as 8th best brainless runner and that results just showed to Finns from KR his real character!

Results of 10km Czech Track Championship

On Sunday I was too lazy to travel to Opava for Czech Cup, especially when I was not alone who makes this decision. I run pretty nice national competitions in terrain with many small details and really stony ground. This is one of the best terrains you can find in the Czech Republic. It took me 3 controls to start my brain after Saturday and I was losing bit over one minute after small mistakes in the beginning. Afterwards my performance was pretty good, just speed was bit lower. I finished 2nd about one minute behind Jan Sedivy.

Results of Sunday middle

I am 7th best brainless runner, but am I also brainless reader?

Tomas Dlabaja
must have dynamite in his legs, or I cannot understand how he managed to lose two minutes on the control number 14? Or is he able to run leg which are basic runners running over 1 min in 30s?
I guess Jan Mrazek still did not pass his Math exam, because when I tried to count how many runners from SK Praga beat him on Sunday and I am getting different results…


Sven L, Stora Tuna said...

Nice story to read, hope U use your brain better in forest... ;)

Good result anyway! Congratulations!

Probodlá hnáta said...

Jsem rád, že si taky někdo všimnul Čojsovi záhadný dvoustovky terénem za 28s..

Ale tak proč ne, když má Fabian na biku motorek, proč by pak nemoh mít Foukačka v prdeli raketu!

Betak said...

To Sven: Thx and I will try to do my best!

To Uzdravená hnáta: Asi budeš muset ke komentáři přidat i emila, aby ti na něj přišlo vysvětlení přímo od zdroje. Já už ho dostal ;D