LANGA NATTEN 2010 – the story of one leg

My place in the KR team on Tiomila was on the third leg, non-forked langa natten. I did have a phone call in the week before 10M with our national team coach Radovan:

Radovan: By the way, which leg are you going to run?
Me: Langa natten
Radovan: Are you so poor, or what happened?

I did start to understand his words after talking with our experienced runners Tommi and Miika. My task was easy, just stay in the contact with Halden and Kristiansand. No problem, on non-forked course, but something against my view of orienteering.

This task becomes bit more difficult after my start. I catch the leaders of my starting group on the second control, but I did not see Halden or Kristiansand. Ok, I have to reboot my system and take northern direction with full speed. Some teams did follow me and finally I reach the route and use my running skills. Only Bekkelaget manage to stay with me all the time. When I climb up to the hill before 3rd control, I saw I big group approaching 3rd control. Perkele! At least my route choice was equal… What a kind surprise, there is Järla and Stora Tuna. I just climb up trough group and I saw THE MASTER in front and Kristiansand just behind! YEP! WE ARE BACK!

Thanks Jan Kocbach for this video!

Rest of the course was quite boring, because I did play for the team. Anders was doing really good work in front. He is clear KING of the long night; I am just king of one route choice…

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